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Helsinki, Finland Joined February 2016
Music is life Jun 17, 2017
I have listened all kind of music since I was 15 years old. I didn't find interesting genre earlier. When I was listening local radio station I heard something new. It was drum'n bass. I fell in love the this new style of music which I was not heard earlier. I started to listen that radio program every friday and found new genres. I got inspiration to make my own music and collecting cd's and some vinyls. At the late 90's I owned hundreds of cd's. Almost all were electronic music stuff.I have produced music since those days and could say that music keeps me alive and is important thing on my life. Nowadays I like producing music. It's like my lifestyle. I make all kind of electronic music and really love it. I have played live nowhere except in my apartment. It's weird that I had no musical backround, but I inspired of music when I was fifteen years old, So never it's too late to get inspiration producing music. It needs a lot of time and practising to learn producing music, but If you really want to learn making music, it is never to late!