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Flood L32Bronze
Stpaul, Minnesota  USA Joined December 2015
Just a kid from Minnestoa looking to inspire those Big Dreamers out there like my self. -FLoodL32Bronze- Risk 95.
Hello and Welcome. I go by the Artist name, FLoodL32Bronze. I am FLOOD meaning, Im all over the place when it come to writing lyrics, recording vocals, making beats and just having these unique ideas for a lot of things in life. So don't be surprised if you see my drop a crazy aggressive Rap song and then immediately after that I drop a very emotional song with me singing. I always wanted to be like Michael Jordan but I had to accept and understand that basketball is not my true calling. So since that plan back fired, to turn things around ill just lock myself up in the Recording booth with a number #32 jersey on and try to catch fire that way. My whole life has been a Bronze medal. I wasnt born with a Silver spoon. My Mother always told me, its ok to strive for Gold but first you must get in the race and as long as you give it your all it doesnt matter where you place. Something is better than nothing. Her teachings taught me to just always stay positive and genuinely appreciate life no matter where it takes me because in the end were all one big family on this planet Binded through LOVE. Through out my life i never really felt like I fit in with one group of people because in my heart I fell like I fit in and relate to them all. I have a passion for making Unique/Relatable Music for all Genres. I feel like Music is my purpose so I pray you can see my vision as an Artist. Thank you, GOD BLESS at GOD SPEED -FLoodL32Bronze- Risk 95.
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