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"Feeling" is my new fetish.
This is an 8 track CD and it’s for self mastery lovers. Come back and check my blog to see how you get a free copy of the REmastered version. Formally Known online in the social networks as an erotic artist 8Minutesofo, the Seximacy coach and the orgasm lady; in person you may call me Ayo ~ The Spiritual EXpressionist. (*how bout it*) What kind of artist are you now you might ask? Well, the only spiritual expressionist sharing the awakening of the true being that is unfolding within me and in my life via song and motion. Yes, it’s all about the true self and hell yes it is awesome! Much like my previous CD awakens you from your conventional slumber; “Mentally Evolved” will connect those dots to allow you to experience the birth of the newly M.entally E.volving me or if you are trudging the path of self awareness; the newly M.entally E.volving you, will resonate. This new authentic CD “Mentally Evolved volume 1{connecting the art form}” is my 3rd project, the 1st of an infinite volume series which I like to call “The M.E. volumes”.
Mentally Evolved the M.E volume 1 {connecting the art form} Sep 11, 2015
The 8 M O concept, a hierarchy I fashioned expanded in a way i did not foresee and is now building upon itself to bring me closer to intimacy of self or in one word AWARENESS. My concept has everything to do with acknowledging our sexuality as the innate behavior that it is and now from the internal perspective it is on some flying sourcer *giggle* higher consciousness shit. I want those mentally developed to come to me. Those who understand as opposed to those maintaining beliefs. This is for you let me give it to you. I still push that button to the doors of our sexuality that the conventional world wants to keep closed but now it is more authentic because its internal perspective. If we dont acknowledge the true essence of ourselves then we will be continuously lost in our beliefs. (what I use to call lies) We are of both a dominant and submissive, Masculine and divine feminine but we tend to nurture one more so than the other which leaves us out of alignment. It is no longer a theory that I hold; nurturing both CAN put us on the path to self acknowledgment. It is a personal experience sharing evidence and proof if you chose to seek it in.