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Tony William
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Staffordshire Peak District, United Kingdom Joined February 2015
Easy going . . . happy with life in general in this new world.
Ex. Pro. Pianist. Ex. Pro. Magician and Marionette Speciality Act. Always done well out of Entertainment. Now myself and Sue retired, - hoping our sunset is a very long and pleasant one . . . there is a lot I like about the start of this 3rd decade of the 21st century, plus a lot of the old ways of life I greatly miss . . . You'll catch me on here, YouTube, Vimeo, and a few toons also on Mixposure. But I always used to find being a musician was an under appreciated, under estimated occupation. But hey, who cares now . . . ?
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Fourth of July (MB & MD)
The latest in musical mayhem from Michael and I.
Ennio Morricone RIP 6 hours ago
What can anyone say about this Composer who has died today? He gave Western Movies a whole new angle with the Theme to The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Not the best Western by any means (I give this to John Wayne's Movie - The Searchers), but Morricone gave Westerns a Musical Identity. Onto another of his pieces, in fact all of his pieces for the 1997 Jeremy Irons re-make of "Lolita". Delicious, sensitive, evocative music that is hard to describe. The Movie? Fabulously acted by all, but gives paedophilia an ice-cream coating and a "reason". It's stupid, but it makes me feel slightly guilty I like this music!