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USA Joined February 2004
With all the hype surrounding southern rap, as well as the new female MC movement, it is without wander that the South presents it’s number one contender… Ms. Re’ – “Da Boss Baby”. With a few exceptions, the history of the female rapper consists of frivolous beauties that are content with being seen and indifferent to being heard. Their credibility becomes lost in their inability to deliver self-written, self-lived lyrics. Music lovers want someone real, someone they can relate to, someone like Ms. Re’. Born and raised in Bogalusa, a small, oppressed city in Southeast Louisiana, this artist symbolized the epitome of survival. As you can hear in her music, this lady is no stranger to struggle and definitely not “lame to the game”. As a mother, recording artist, writer, host and CEO of her own entertainment company (Boss Baby Entertainment), Ms. Re’ shares stories of her joys, pains, struggles and enlightenments through her art. Raw openness, captivating wits, and a powerful delivery have earned her Southern Entertainment and Texas Hood award nominations along with listening audiences and countless supporters worldwide. Her vision is to inspire the world through life’s lessons, as she often quotes “What’s from the heart will reach the heart”. Not only is she in full control of her creativity, she’s also establishing herself as a business woman. Heart, hustle, high energy performances, and undeniable star quality sets her in a class of her own. Ms. Re’, the South’s No. 1 Contender, has rightfully earned the title: “Da Boss Baby”.