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If I'm Gone Part 1 Jan 15, 2010
Lately, I've been thinkin' about da upcoming years. Mostly because of all da hype and rumors and predictions about 2012 being da end of da world. Personally, I don't believe dat that's da exact date of when it will occur. Simply because da Lord said don't jump to conclusions. He will come when we least expect him to. He will come like a thief in da night. But I do believe it will happen. Just I don't know when. Thinkin' about it all comin' to an end is a scary thought. There are good and bad things dat will come out of da world ending. And I'm challenging all who read this to examine your life right now and what you believe. For after we all die there is only one of two places you will be heading. Heaven or Hell. The choice is all up to us. Now I know plenty of people who tell me over and over I'm a firm believer in God and/or Christ. But as I see them in their every day lives more and more I see that they aren't. And I'm not one to judge because I see in my own life everyday. Every night I pray for forgiveness of da same sins. And I question my beliefs because of it. Do I truly Jesus as much as I say? If I do, than why do I continue to do da things in which I know are not right to do? Let's take a look deep in our hearts and some simple questions dat you can ask yourselves and ask God to reveal to you. Ask yourself Do I really believe in Christ? By no means am I trying to judge anybody or say because your doing dis your not really a believer. But in many cases and as many people will find out when they leave dis earth da answers to da questions will be da very answers as to why Jesus will tell them "I'm sorry but I do not know you". Jesus clearly states dat there will be people who will claim to love Him and walk in His ways but He will show that it was never the case. People will say did we not do miracles in Your name, cast out demons, heal the sick, did not the mute speak? But Jesus will tell them, "I'm sorry but I do not know you?" As I'm writing this I'm questioning myself as well. What can I do to show Christ dat I love Him and want to be wit Him in Heaven? First and foremost is are you born-again? what this means is have you accepted Jesus Christ? Have you confessed with your tongue and believed in your heart that Jesus is da Son of God and that He died on da Cross for our sins and on the third day He rose from the grave and now sits at the right hand of God? Have you asked His forgiveness and for Him to change your life and come live in your heart? If you have said yes God Bless you. If you haven't I encourage you to do so and let Christ come into your life and change you. For those of you who have said yes I want you to ask yourselves, Did I mean it wit all my heart? Did you truly ask Christ to forgive you and did you truly repent from all your sins and Ask Christ to help you change? Because if you truly are a Christian than there should be a fire inside you. Burning hard and strong. A desire to give up what you know is wrong yet love to do anyways. For example, if you are a Christian, are you doing drugs? are you having sex outside of marriage? Do you truly believe da Bible is da Word of God 100%? Are you getting drunk, breaking da law, constantly telling lies? If you are, more likely than not you weren't serious bout Christ. Now those are just examples but questions that i know for some of you need to be considered. For me I know i've fallen back. I've slipped and I'm continually praying dat God brings me to my feet again and makes my faith stronger and makes my life more pleasing to Him. I pray to God that He changes me. That He relights dat fire inside of me. and dat He changes me so dat I may sin no more. Make no mistakes I love everyone of you. Friend and even my foes. Iknow my sin and i'm sure alot of you know my sin. Question now is Do you know yours? Is there anything in your life dats k