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Mark McAnaney
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Melbourne, VIC  Australia Joined November 2012
A long, endlessly evolving musical journey has come to this. Starting off as a trumpet player at age 11 (and learning the craft of music as a result) then picking up bass and self-teaching at age 13, now the product of much intensive study, a love of Surrealist art, and a fascination for dark and eclectic things comes bassist and composer Mark McAnaney into a brand of sound all his own. From wielding an avant-garde/solo bass sound for a time in his early work, he has evolved into one of today's darkest composers. Aside from music, he is fascinated with old horror films, Surrealist art, Ancient Sumerian culture, astronomy, philosophy, and mixed martial arts. He has released solo bass centred tracks for several years since 2006, the best of which were released on the album "ZIUSUDRA" in 2010. His first symphony entitled "THE SURREAL WORLD" was released in 2012, and draws a picture of the composer's view of existence as being a deeply mysterious thing we can never understand. The Second Symphony, released in 2014, was called "THE ENIGMA", which details the world itself, filled with wonder as it is, being enslaved by its own imperfection and yet, being perfect in its imperfection anyway. His third symphony entitled "THE ANCIENT RIDDLE" was released in 2015. It accounts the constant struggle with Chaos that existence itself brings about. Other major works by him include "Two Weeping Cellos", "Baroque Concerto in D Minor", "The Nocturnal Canon", and "Hymn of the Lost."