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Tim Medrek
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Pepperell, MA  USA Joined October 2012
About Tim Medrek / timsrock Rock Instrumental Music Blues Guitar Rock, Blues, Jazz fusion Instrumental music...100% new and original. Ranked high consistently on various Web musician services, such as reverbnation.com and number1music.com, on local, national and international charts. Description This music is unmistakably Tim; it rocks but it has depth & variety within it. Basically I let my imagination take me where it wants to go musically...the result is instrumental music that is mainly Rock/Progressive Rock/Classic Rock, though there are a few with Country blends and a few more that are really Smooth Jazz and/or Jazzrock Fusion (did I mention the Hip Hop beats?). . . I am just getting started in the biz for real, since January 2012, so I'll just say that since then I have thousands of new fans worldwide, have had 3 very positive press reviews of my music and I do music reviews self-employed. Also, most importantly, I have signed a recording contract with TMG Music for production, distrtibution and marketing of my second album! Here is a professional reference from a distinguished MIP(Music Industry Professional): Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative “I have used Tim's music to demonstrate to students the concept of 21st Century Progressive Experimental Rock of which Tim's music is an excellent example. Tim's music is also been used for warm up activities during rehearsals for the performing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics. I also enjoy l