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First Entry. Oct 22, 2012
Okay, well, no one will be reading this, so, I'll just babble. I've been watching Naruto a shit tonne lately. I'm talking like 40-50 episode in 2 days, which is allot for me. I'm actually watching it now. Haha. This afternoon I was still in my pajamas and I just randomly stand up, walk out side, dive into my pool, shout "Water style jutsu, water wall!", splash the water and BAM, a temporary wall of water. Oh yeah, showing off my ninjutsu. Gosh, I feel like a loser, but it made me laugh. So, I'm in this band right, and we all love Naruto, and I've been nicknamed Naruto, which is pretty cool I guess. Spud is nicknamed Sasuke and Reaper gets called Itatchi, we make jokes about Spud killing Reaper, it's fun :P. So, yeah, TTFN xx :) (TaTa For Now.)