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Mahal Amanda Adams
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@mahal amanda
Muntinlupa, Metro Manila  Philippines Joined February 2004
... is half Korean and half Filipino... lives in a bamboo house... was obsessed with dolphins... was active in school theater productions... was an alto for the school choirs... wanted to be a Marine biologist... graduated Production Design in DLSU-CSB (Benilde)... loves Final Fantasy VII... was a cheer dancer... a choreographer... collects J.R.R. Tolkien books... made a jingle for an Accel commercial... has been composing original songs since 1994... is the singer and songwriter for The Amandas... #1 favorite band is Mr. Big... loves photography, although she's not a professional photographer... loves to eat... does not cook... loves to sleep and has built another detailed world in the dreaming... wants to continue doing yoga... is in love with her high school crush... loves movies... wants to have her own resort... likes to scare scaredy-cat people ... is addicted to iced coffee ... and wants to travel the world someday.
Vocal exercise through online karaoke Aug 3, 2011
I find it most enjoyable whenever I sing along to a song on the radio while I drive around doing my daily errands. And for someone who spends a lot of time on the internet and working from home, singing can be a stress reliever. It's a known fact that Filipinos love karaoke. It was only recently that I got to appreciate and understand why. It's something that I really can't explain. It's more of like a feeling rather than anything else. And with the karaoke tool, I found vocalizations to be much more satisfying. I got into this online karaoke site that allows you to record your karaoke songs. Now that's a big plus for me since I can then share it with friends and family. If you're interested you can check it out here: https://www.risingstars.asia?iuid=30917 Register and enjoy!