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melodie unknown
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ALBUQUERQUE, NM  USA Joined May 2012
I am a single Mother of the two most beautiful angels in this world but than again I may be sounding a little bias but on the real I am truly blessed to be here where Im at in my life today... I am all about meeting and making new friends so if I sound any bit of interesting and if you want me to be real with you than you be real with me and shoot me some words, I wont just accet anyone as a friend but you got to grab my attention and get to me on the inside... I have had my trials and turbulations, I have survived thus far and everything that my life has dealt me has brought me to experience strength and hope in one form and fashion than another... I do not sing but I do like to write poetry and maybe one day someone could use something Ive wrote and put it to some beats but even if not I will still just continue to write as its a huge release for me as I sometimes am not always able to be up front and say what I am feeling... Another release for me is to just litsen to music, I do not have any one favorite as my playlist can go from metal to country to hip hop and rap and right back into country. Usually just depends on my mood at the given moment...