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HOLLA-LOO-YAH Thanks for peepin’ the virtual crib of the one and only Kangaroo Pimp. I been spendin’ ages and ages helpin’ fine honeys makin’ ends meet and shit, but from time to time, you gotta diversify your bonds, dig it? So I started puttin’ together these real funky-ass, nasty-type , maximum caposhi beats, ya feelin’ me? GIT DOWN TO BIZNESS A playa heard heard a beat he can dig? Just press buy and feel aight! You’ll get the beat as a wavy .wav-file and if you holla at cha Pimp, he’ll send you all tracks as extra .wav-Files so you can mix that shit down yourselves. CUSTOMER IS KING You heard a beat and you can dig it, but a certain part ain’t fly yet? Talk to a playa, the Pimp gonna replace that handclap with a grimey snare or speed that bitch up ‘till you’re ready for take-off. You got a slammin’ sample and you need someone to make a racidal beat out of it? You’re looking for an instrumental that sounds like some 90s NY-Hip Hop, a stellular Dirrty South beat or even a House tune? Let a pimp know. It’s like comin’ to the Red Light Disctrict, you tell your Pimp what you dig and he’ll work that shit out for you, playa. PIMP AT YOUR SERVICE Once you bought a beat, the deal ain’t finished yet. Just send the pimp your final track and he’ll spread that shit like a cheap Vietnamese hooker spreads gonorrhea. Just like a fine as hoe spreads her legs for a cat who bought the Pimp’s beats, Imma spread that shit on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and what not. Aye-men.