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Holger Luth
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Denmark Joined January 2012
Mainly doing Rock, Pop, Folk, but I feel that no stone should be left unturned :)
Hi. My name is Holger Luth and I am from 1957 - you do the math :0) I have always played music as a hobby and in the recent years I also started recording some of my own songs using the band name "Dyalock". I tend to use songwriting as a form of therapy, so if you listen closely, there is a lot of me and my life hidden in my songs. For the same reason, my songs do not always comply with the usual "Hit templates". I make them the way I like them. I hope you like them too :) Feel free to listen and comment on any of my songs! Cheers Holger
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Stop the Train!
I found a pretty "jazzy" chord and started to play it in a pretty hevy metal manner. The chord progression sounded a bit flamenco and the whole thing is a hybrid of many genres, I suppose. That's me, in a nutshell!
New song from me! Flamenco metal with jazzy chords.... :)
A video for "Follows me around" Jan 3, 2020