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red lion , pa  USA Joined January 2004
BLACK CAT BONE The Movie. A 21st Century Blues Comedy based on a true story. An unsuspecting white man receives a piece of bone from a donor for a cervical fusion,bone graph operation. Through Cellular Memory,(Google it)the personality of the donor transfers to the recipient. Shortly after the operation Eddie Crowe turns into a blues singer. For no known reason he finds himself in a tattoo parlor getting a portrait of the late great blues legend Muddy Waters. He acquires the aka of Milky Waters. Eddie believes that bone came from a black blues singer that was on a mission to make his name in the blues. Milky Waters believes his doctor gave him a BLACK CATS BONE. That is gist of the story which is a hilarious comedy, but there is also a tragedy in this story. There's an unsolved homicide,the suspicious drowning death of my friend,blues legend Walter Rhodes that was wrongly ruled an accident. I played drums in a band with him and he taught me everything i know about blues music. Walter was about to become famous at 50 years of age.He started playing guitar at age 9. In the early sixties he was Wilson Pickett's band leader and lead guitarist for 4 years. He was an Albino and he was technically blind. Playing music was the only job he knew. With his new electric blues recordings that won him the gig, he had just played the New Orleans Jazz Festival on the Main Stage that stars Irma Thomas The Neville Brothers and Dr. John also played on. I have those recordings that were given to me at his funeral. The music has never been released.Walter was killed 20 years ago. I want to record and sing some of his songs and put them on the soundtrack of the movie. Then everyone who watches the movie will know of the late great Walter Lightninbug Rhodes and his music. He truly deserved to be a BLUES STAR. He was the REAL DEAL. Here is the link to an excellent bio which includes vintage recordings of Walters. It was put together by a soul music j journalist in the UK who gave me permission to use it to get Walters story out there and hopefully catch whoever killed him. http://www.sirshambling.com/artists_2012/R/walter_rhodes/index.php
Spotlight Song
Fishin on Chesapeake Bay/CBS RADIO RECORDING
Me singing my original song over the telephone and broadcast live march 05 2001 on CBS radio WQSR 102.7 fm Baltimore MD... I did a little fishin with my song as bait and ended up going LIVE on the radio.
This recording will turn Baltimore into a blues city.