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Patrick Barnett
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Everman, TX  USA Joined November 2011
Yeah Yeah I know, Pat ain't Shit! LOL. I'm just a real intellectual guy who also likes to clown around. I'm the baby of my family. I handle my business, and I'm working on myself as a man and continuing my quest for knowledge. I've been on both sides of the tracks. I've done things in my life that I'm not proud of, but I've learned from all my experiences so I'll never make the same mistake twice. I come from a strong black family and my parents have been married for almost 40 years. I'm in the military just like my Pops and my Uncles before me. I'm a F-16 Jet Engine Mechanic. I love music, music is my thing. I have some vices that I'm working on, nobody is perfect. I have love for all my brothers ya dig. I smoke, and I drank, believe me I know I should stop. I got the best of both, no, the best of all worlds: street smarts, book smarts, and I even managed to get some common sense, LOL. The business side of my mind is beginning to show and I have some endeavors in the works. I do everything with class and every in moderation(except get money). Some pics you may see of me laying down; don't take it as if I'm some sloppy drunk, peep game: When you're protecting the flag, you work hard. When you're off work, you play even harder. To my friends(which I consider family) and family I love yall and I ride for yall. Holla at your boy if you're real, if you're fake and got some little sideways comments, KICK ROCKS! Shout-out to my brothers standing on the square; you know, with the LIGHT. P.S. Lets get it. Why when I'm about to crash I go faster, past is a disaster, when your house is see-through you learn to close your eyes encase the glass shatters, I'm just saying, there's always a million more pages, why your dumb ass keep thinkin' you on the last chapter? If you are racist, you should keep on listening to your parents so you will fulfill the racist stereotype who post insensitive remarks on these sites, who will die in a hail of hatred, paranoid of the world around you. Or if you would? like, there is an alternative. You can sit back, enjoy creation, and if you don't like it, move on and find something you do like, or you could jump off a bridge to your demise. LMAO!!! :