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Bobo Biggins
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Joliet, IL  USA Joined November 2011
Born at Silvercross Hospital in Joliet, Illinois on November 22nd, 1990 on Thanksgiving... Grew up always into music since a toddler. Went through the skateboarding/biking faze along with the punk rock scene for a little while, playing the drums or guitar in bands... Always around girls whether it's relationships, friends, or one night stands... Started smoking weed in like 7th grade... Eventually that lead to drinking and other drugs... As soon as i turned 16 i got a job, along with selling drugs on the side, i got a 2004 chevy impala in 2007... continued working, slangin, & partying until i got locked up... My first felony, sat in jail for 6 months then court mandated to rehab for 3 months then halfway house for 3 months, went to court, got 2 years probation...As soon as i got home finally after a year i went and bought a 27 inch iMac & Ableton 8 Live. Started making beats and music of my own.. Also recorded, produced beats, and engineered mixtapes for local artists. Besides that, i just worked, partied to an extent, did all my probation shit... 2 months left of probation, i was at one of my guy's crib & it got raided by Illinois State Police... Caught my 2nd felony while on probation... Sat in Will County Jail for 3 months, Statesville for 2 weeks, then East Moline Prison for the remainder of the 6 months i had to serve 50% of a year... Got out October 2012 & started my year of parole... Cuffed a chick, got a job, stayed lowkey & finished Parole... Currently Paperchasing