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Dillagaf Martin
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detroit, mi  USA Joined November 2011
I am song writer. Who lives in Mi. I love Hip Hop, real Hip Hop. My days of lookn for a deal are over cuz only followers get deals these days in todays music industry. So I make the music I like to listen too!I do have a recording studio I built from the ground up! Its a Man cave I call it STR-8 Ent. I use DAWs, Sonar X1 Producer. My booth is sound proofed, I have KRK a monitoring system. I master wit Tracks mastering plugins. I started recording back in the mid 90s wit dj equipment & it grew into me building what I have today! Most say I can Compete wit mainstream but im comfterble doing what i do! Being Underground allows me to be more creative in what I feel Hip Hop Iz too me! Ido record other underground Artist. Such as Vision kid, Holla @ me Ent. Woodrow The Entertainer. Estacodo for Newyork street Ent.