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Karen Showell
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USA Joined September 2011
Karen Showell is a humble, yet an awesome Graphic artist and Gospel singer. She has traveled extensively around the world, including Europe, Japan and Canada. A shy girl, Karen gained confidence through her singing, which she did every Sunday in the choir Karen recorded her first single when she was just thirteen years of age. Karen is married to Pastor Bradley Showell. Together they had four beautiful children. Joy, Diamond, Courtney, and Jeremy. Karen understands that her voice and her graphic talent are instruments and they will always be used for God’s glory alone. Karen’s graphic art and music are raw and powerful. Karen is also a songwriter. Karen has never really been concerned about becoming a superstar. Her concern is that Jesus Christ shines within her. Karen has made it no secret that she has struggled with years of drug addiction. She is not proud of her past, but she is proud of the fact that she has overcome her addiction. Karen has made it her mission to help others