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Bill (or Morgan)
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Puyallup, WA  USA Joined March 2011
Anything is an instrument if you're brave enough.
My primary goal with music is to amuse myself. My second (formerly third) goal is to make other musicians smile.
Spotlight Song
Tell A Lie
This is from the forthcoming CD based around Virtual Reality concept. $Bill: guitars, synths, bass. Matt: vocals, drums, synths, piano
The latest from Matt and I
Dark Matter - modular music performed in two stages Nov 1, 2019
Stage 1 - bass drone, recorded to cassette tape Stage 2 - everything else done live over the drone playback https://youtu.be/sfwP75pCjPU (edit) - er, no idea how to embed a video on the new version of Soundclick and I'm permanently tired, so just imagine a video here, or find it on my band page, or my Youtube. Thanks.