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Michael Perkins
Phoenix, AZ  USA Joined March 2011
I am currently the Rhythm/Lead Guitar For 2 Phoenix based Bands. I have been with Exiled Since 2009 and have written a few of the songs for the upcoming release (I should have 4-5 songs represented on the new CD) I have been with Lustmord for about 6 months officially, and have helped them in the past with a few show commitments they had after the other guitarists left. We just finished a composition that I brought in & wrote for an independant zombie flick tentatively named Feed. It is called Zombie Disease & Iam pleased to notice that it is #7 on the Death Metal charts here as of 3/11/11 I am working on new material with Dan & Anthony & we hope to have a solid record by the end of summer. I have 4-5 in varying stages of progress, just need to tighten em up.
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