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CA  USA Joined January 2011
HungryWulf has gone through some 'changes' - rather improvements and continue to build on the bands originality in songwriting and bluesy sounds. The HungryWulf Band's ALL ORIGINAL songwriting and lyrical works continue to press towards completion of our Debut Album- "Scene Of The Crime". Rhythm guitarist SoCal Holt, and Front man Wulfy C, have teamed up with Keyboard and Guitarist Aaron, and Drummer Rob, and Lead Guitarist Danny "Spicolli" Hanks, to create a solid blend of sound that builds on the catchy, story-telling original lyrics that make HungryWulf what it is. From ballads to blues, rock n roll to comedic trials of life, we have songs that will make you laugh and songs that will tear at your heart. Thank you to Toby Keith for the guitar and more so- all the support for our people throughout the years who are and have served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Same goes to Mr Darryl Worley, for He and his bands continued support! No shot of whiskey was as good as the one we threw back in Bakersfield, Ca. Currently working on completion of Album and several Music videos. Hope to have it finished soon, as we also have much material for the second album in the wings. Thanks to all those who support our efforts to bring you the best we have. We hope you enjoy and keep tappin' those toes! >>~HungryWulf~> (BMI) Performing Rights Organization.
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Nov 10, 2014
Hey Wulf, Mad Hatter here. Get in touch. My new number is 775 221 2543
Feb 14, 2011
Hey Wulf, Thanks for the visit and kind comment. I appreciate it. Pat