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Kenneth Donnelly
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@Stargazer 21
Middle River, Md.  USA Joined December 2010
Experimental, shoegaze/spacegaze/ambient/psychedelic/poetic musician/composer
..this music is designed to refresh the listener's psyche while feeding the imagination filaments of a deeper reality, the depth and beauty and awe of which tends to escape us in the erosive conditioning of living on this planet. I have to add that most of these recordings are essentially live--I compose/perform them, record, mix down, 'engineer' in my humble way... I have no musical or technical training except what I have learned on my own, although I once took drum lessons in adolescence. Composing improvisationally, this music aims to mystify, challenge and elevate the listener. I've been fascinated with the idea of creating a naturally psychedelic, yet impressionistic 'space' music that reflects impressions of space/time, mind, Nature. My influences are endless--a few: Nature, the Sky, birds, Bernard Hermann and other soundtracks, early Pink Floyd, Robin Trower, old sci-fi, Hendrix, Debussy, Type-O Negative, dreams, memories, sunsets...