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Veronique Martin
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Bassett, VA  USA Joined July 2010
Veronique is a singer, songwriter, & rapper putting a new face on the rap game as no female artist can compete on her lyrical level. Veronique is currently living in Bassett, VA, a very small undiscoverable town. She is also a single mom and a full-time student. She evolves her life around not just her own kids, but considers the neighborhood kids hers as well while she donates her life to keeping them motivated towards a bright future. "There are no jobs here. This town is so small that there's nothing here but trouble, jail and death. Kids have nothing to keep them motivated. How many times will we see the NBA drafting picks from here? How many talented singers will land major record deals from here? Nobody knows we even exist, so that's my mission. I try to give them some kind of hope, some kind of reason for staying in school and getting good grades, some kind of reason for waiting to have sex, just motivation to be better."