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Peekskill, New York  USA Joined May 2010
I've been playing Guitar for around 40 yrs now on and off, I also play some keyboards ( Mostly for atmosphere ) and Vocals. I enjoy creating all types of music, I have many influences which includes: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Blues, Smooth Jazz, New Age,Progressive Rock/Metal, and so forth. My music reflects my feelings and emotions at times, it could be Angry and Aggressive or Peaceful and Calm. I write my own lyrics and create all my songs on the computer I use a program called Riffworks as a DAW and Plugin software by IK Multimedia and line 6 ( Amplitube 3 and Pod HD Desktop ) I Master with T-RACKS Deluxe and I buy drums from Betamonkey and Discrete Drums So check out my songs, let me know if you like them by rating and commenting on them! Keep on Rocking! Rob
New Songs! 2/3/14 Feb 3, 2014
Whipping & Thrashing # 22 in Metal (highest position was 22). Total songs: 107,094 # 1 in Thrash Metal (highest position was 1). Total songs: 393 Breaking Bad # 11 in Metal Riffs and Licks (highest position was 3). Total songs: 679 The Sun God ( Living on The Sun) # 11 in Power Metal (highest position was 2). Total songs: 923