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Robert Steven Hunt
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Reading, Berkshire  United Kingdom Joined May 2010
Hi my name is Robert Steven Hunt, living in Berkshire, England. I used to be a teacher of drama at a Secondary School in SE England, but now work as a project worker at a day centre for physically disabled adults (I love making a difference in peoples lives). I enjoy playing the piano keyboard for my own pleasure and sometimes play during worship sessions in my Church. I have been composing music for the piano keyboard for a number of years but I only began to share my music with a wider audience since 2010. I have been greatly influenced by the world of film and television theme music. I would describe my style as being a mixture of classical crossover piano and orchestral music. Indeed it is my ambition to hear my music performed by a full orchestra, just as I hear it in my head when I compose. I do not write any of my music down in notation form but I am blessed with a good memory. The quality of the recorded sounds are only limited by the equipment that I am currently using. The musical themes on this site are only samples of my music and are designed to give a brief flavour of the melodies that I am capable of recording. In the past I have composed a number of themes to order, according to the needs of a particular client. My piano music is original, inspirational and touches the heart and soul. I play in a very relaxing (Chill-out) Easy Listening style on the keyboard. Thank you so much for taking the time to view my musicians profile. I hope you enjoy all of my music!
Exciting News Update 2018 Robert Steven Hunt Jan 13, 2018
So much has happened in the last few years to my music that I am so excited to tell you about! In 2014 I released my debut studio album "Eagle Mountain" which was recorded professionally at Clear Sky Studio in Reading UK. The nine track CD has over an hour of original piano music with orchestration by Chris Mitchell my producer and arranger. The album has sold copies all over the world and has been described by some as a masterpiece! Since then I have gone on to work on the music for a TV Pilot called "Unbelievers" made by Sheep Free Productions Ltd in the UK. The series is currently seeking a commission to be produced for main stream television. I am an executive producer and the principal composer for the pilot episode "Target Acquired." The soundtrack for this programme can be found on my sound cloud music page. The music for this project has been a totally new experience for me, I have been very blessed to have been given the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful new adventure in my life! My latest news for 2018 is that I have begun working on my second studio album which I hope to be releasing later in the year. The link to my Facebook musicians page will provide all the latest news up dates on the new album. https://www.facebook.com/robertstevenhunt I have not even thought of a title for the new work yet. Some tracks have already been recorded on the piano at Clear Sky Studios in Reading, Berkshire, England. The orchestration work is being undertaken by the very talented Chris Mitchell, my producer and arranger. It is going to be a very challenging album which will hopefully take the music up to the next level. I am so excited to be able to release and share some more of my original classical crossover piano music (with orchestration) with the world. Thank you for sharing this musical journey with me. I really appreciate your support and encouragement. God Bless! More new music on the way! Watch this space for new updates during 2018. All the very best from composer Robert Steven Hunt in Reading (UK).