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Robert Steven Hunt
@robert steven hunt
Reading, Berkshire  United Kingdom Joined May 2010
Hi my name is Robert Steven Hunt, living in Berkshire, England. I used to be a teacher of drama at a Secondary School in SE England, but now work as a project worker at a day centre for physically disabled adults (I love making a difference in peoples lives). I enjoy playing the piano keyboard for my own pleasure and sometimes play during worship sessions in my Church. I have been composing music for the piano keyboard for a number of years but I only began to share my music with a wider audience since 2010. I have been greatly influenced by the world of film and television theme music. I would describe my style as being a mixture of classical crossover piano and orchestral music. Indeed it is my ambition to hear my music performed by a full orchestra, just as I hear it in my head when I compose. I do not write any of my music down in notation form but I am blessed with a good memory. The quality of the recorded sounds are only limited by the equipment that I am currently using. The musical themes on this site are only samples of my music and are designed to give a brief flavour of the melodies that I am capable of recording. In the past I have composed a number of themes to order, according to the needs of a particular client. My piano music is original, inspirational and touches the heart and soul. I play in a very relaxing (Chill-out) Easy Listening style on the keyboard. Thank you so much for taking the time to view my musicians profile. I hope you enjoy all of my music!
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Dec 06, 2020
Hi Robert, Just uploaded some new songs, check them out when you can. God Bless you and yours...Murphy
Dec 24, 2017
Merry Christmas! <3 Please have a listen to my first attempt at a Christmas song, First He Came To Her: https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13669600 If you like it, you can download it for free from my Bandcamp page
May 21, 2015
Hello how are you? i am working with a Ep now 6 instrumentals in sjanger new age and ambient . i have upgrade my studio to use omnisphere and korg kronos now... love them both. and i use daw logic 9
Feb 13, 2012
Hi Robert, Thanks for the friend request acceptance. Cheers
Jan 01, 2012
Hello dear Robert Thank you so much for thinking of me. Always lovely to hear from you Wishing you and your family good times, good health and a very happy new year 2012! May this coming year bring you success with your music. Your music is so beautiful that I’m sure 2012 will be wonderful for you Eira is a wbeautiful composition. Good Luck !!!! Sending lots of love from France Amicalement Dani
Apr 20, 2011
Bonsoir Robert It was a real pleasure discovering you on Soundclick It’s great to have you as a friend. I would really like to tell you how much I appreciate all your music Your music is beautiful. I loved everyone on this page. I am in lobe with this music. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us I think you are one of the most talented here on soundclick ! Wishing you a lovely Easter week end Many warm greetings from France Amicalement Dani
Mar 04, 2011
Hello Steven, I was surprised to find your message on my message board. Thank you for the visit. I am glad that your showcase went well. Should I say we knew it would? I was pretty sure. I watched your new video. It was a regular travlelogue. The rowers gliding through the picture was a real plus. GOD bless you and your's and give everybody my love. Chuck
Feb 14, 2011
Wishing all my SC friends a very happy and love-filled Valentines Day! Peace and love, Mary Clare
Jan 01, 2011
I’m just stopping by to wish you and yours a happy New Year! Mike
Dec 21, 2010
Hi Robert, Stopping in to wish you and yours the very happiest of holidays and much success in 2011. Peace, love, and blessings, Mary Clare