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Dawn Sheppard
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Charlote, NC  (country) Joined April 2010
In 2006, at precisely 12:00 am on Saturday the 27th, a wolf spirit guide woke me up from a sound sleep, a premonition for a the very real and perplexing awakening process I was undergoing but did not yet understand. It entered my dream space, staring straight at me with beautiful blue, white, and gray hair, an electric presence. Nothing was ever the same again. I later learned that Upuaut is an Egyptian deity, a wolf that guides the dead safely through their passage in the afterlife. This benevolent force has guided me faithfully through the waking up process, a very painful transition, the likes of which would have been impossible to live through without the unseen divine forces supporting me in this journey through time and space. I am very grateful to be alive, but even more grateful to be of service to humanity during the greatest shift of all time on this precious, precious Planet Earth.