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G-Town , SoCal  USA Joined February 2010
I want to create one of those tracks that you listen to that is so beautiful you wish the feeling would never stop. Something that transcends the normalicy of things. Spiritual maybe. I hope to live up to that. :)
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Apr 30, 2014
Thank you very much for adding "Vlindervleugels" to your station. Many greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
May 09, 2010
Actually I'm a guy ROFL. I just have "lesbian" to be funny. Oh dear!
Apr 27, 2010
Hi, This is Darrell, I just wanted to let you know that I did a collaboration with EStrad in a song called "Dark Forest (estrad Remix) on my music page, He added some really cool guitar to my song when i first started making music last year. I think you would enjoy it and may give you some ideas for the music creations you are doing. Thank you for everything and see you soon. Darrell
Mar 20, 2010
whats up cosmic! thanks for the friendship man:)
Mar 03, 2010
Thank you for adding 2 of my songs to your station!!