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chris cortez
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Los Angeles, CA  USA Joined January 2010
sup people , this is chris aka BaBy Rico . im 24 i was raised in californa and ready to move out. i like to have fun and meet new people on the way :) im down for anything im not stuiped just cuz i was in a car crash. i have had hard situation in my life that i have learned from and it only makes you stronger , mentally and physically. dont ever give up stay strong. im single my ethnicity is Latino,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so don’t let my looks fool you. i love my family and friends to death and they will always come first before anything . god has blessed me to have a conferable life , so i have became successful in everything i love to do. i do believe that i am going to be successful in life , whether it’s in singing or producing music its my passion and i know i have what it takes . i don’t do this just for the fame or money , its something i love to do and i have fun while doing it . i am not spoiled like a Rich boy but i am a very humble guy. my style is very original , and it changes often . i am a classy guy. im attending college. im the nicest person you..ll ever meet . im such a silly guy who plays around all the time and never takes things serious and sometimes i can be quit if the persons is boring. i can be weird at times but im extremely one of a kind , and personally i think everyone has a weirdness to them :] growing up !!