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Chris Burke
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Peachtree City, GA  USA Joined January 2010
Acrylic Soundz is a newly formed music production family looking to expand our list of talent and become a group of musicians, song writers, and producers that have a more metaphysical outlook on life. Musicians that want to enlighten minds, and express their true opinions. One day soon we'd like to become a full fledged label, but for now we will be happy with being a Facebook community that supports each other and has a firm stand on self expression and understanding through music. So whether you're an artist or a listener, please help us support all the artists that are a part of our family by sharing our music with your friends. Together we can one day bring the music industry and the world back to where it needs to be. In the hands of philosophers who are empathetic to the human condition, and concern themselves with one day helping to bring peace and order to this world of violent chaos. On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/389756947752570/ Join our little family by sending some form of example of your work and a short explanation of why you want to join us.