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Alexander Judd
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Australia Joined December 2009
Music lovers, Artists, Nerd rappers, B-boys, Real Hip-Hoppers, emcee's with heart. I got what you need. Some will be turned off by my style because my sh*** doesn't exactly follow any of the current trends but thats the exact same reason why the others will love me...Real recognizes Real. Everything I do now is available to lease/exclusive, just hit me up with a list for pricing and we can talk business. I do discounts for multiple beats or whole album packages as well. Nearly all my beats are in song format, from intro to hook, bridge, verse, ect ect. When you buy beats I will send them via email, 320kb MP3, wav is also available. Strictly PayPal, as I am from Australia. you can contact me at alexanderwilliamjudd@gmail.com WLM: Juddie55@hotmail.com Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/drjrecordz