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Desmond Welch
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@D Blaze aka Y.B. Lazer
Waverly, AL  USA Joined December 2009
layed-back philosophical down to earth goofy tri-polar good natured 99.9% self-produced anti hater regiment for dirt road records into music all my life. workin to make money either from sellin beats or as a recordin artist Summerized, I am what I am without sayin much. Life is what you make it, and I make the Best of it. Do what you do, be yourself and don't let nobody change that. Life is to short to let anything stress you out, live for the day and have fun with it, and let it run. Bad things are bound to happen, and since everything happens for a reason, so let it out and LET IT GO. Because in the end, destiny will show a higher calling, and life is still going to end, so show no fear or sorrow. At least, thats the way I see life.