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Susan D. Wiseman
@The Tribute Lady
Fayetteville, Ga.  USA Joined December 2003
Honoring & Remembering those who have touched my life, stirring my heart & soul into song. May we "NEVER FORGET"
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Dec 09, 2008
Hello, Katie was a great friend of mine, thank you soo much for the tribute to her, i love your music and all that you stand for, i appreciate all your hard work and dedication to Us Soldiers , its very much appreciated, i hope your Holidays are grand!
Nov 10, 2008
Hi Susan...Just watched your video on the WWII Memorial..very touching tribute to the brave folks that gave their all to keep our country free. I thought perhaps you might enjoy my newly posted video on Arlington since you are a compassionate soul. I almost submitted the soundtrack to be used at the WWII monument where you push the button and a recorded narrator shares details of the war to background music. Wish i would have...i think it woulda been appropriate. Take care and here's to Veterans Day!
Sep 25, 2008
Love your music and the way you pay tribute to our soldiers. We have a son in Iraq and are praying for all of our military personnel. We especially like your songs There Goes A Hero and Unsung Heroes Life.