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Stephan Young
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Las Vegas, NV  USA Joined July 2009
Steffunky has set out to combat the negative impact that conventional hip-hop has on the youth of today. Thru his music and lyrics he reaches out to young people to be faithful and obedient to the will of GOD for their lives. Steffunky grew up in Kenner,LA.(a suburb of New Orleans) where the influence of the streets was heavy. Thank the LORD he has a praying grandmother. If not he could have become a victim of society like so many of his friends and relatives. Steffunky's mom was a big fan of Parliment, Ohio Players, Cameo, and all the other funk bands of that day. So needless to say this music also influenced Steff with the off the hook bass lines and drum beats, so much that when a little cousin of his teasingly called him "Steffunky" the name stuck!!!