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Columbus, Ohio  USA Joined June 2009
Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Twisted Vizion was introduced to hip hop as an early teenager. Always creative, he found an outlet for that creativity when he began rapping at local house parties. Hungry for more he started sharpening his skills defeating mc after mc in Columbus' underground battle scene. He soon after discovered this was more than just something recreational as it was for others around him and dove into his music head first. After one disappointment led to another, he found that in order to be serious about his music, he was going to have to work for himself. Prepared to do everything he could for his music, he went to school for Audio Engineering where he graduated with Honors. Now finished with his second solo LP it seems he has mastered his craft and is ready to let the world see. His style has evolved tremendously. Channeling his passion into each song, his personal real life struggles serve as motivation, and inspiration for his innovative lyrics. With an ever-growing fan base, Twisted Vizion is definitely a force to reckon with. So all you real underground hip hop fans come and experience life through TWISTED VIZION