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Song or Poem Please Jul 1, 2009
My husband and I have had a very hard time the last five years. We were kicked out of a house we were renting because the landlord wasn't paying the mortgage. So we bought a piece of property with a fixer up house on it. We owned it for a month and it was flooded and condemned by the 4 hurricanes passed through in 2004 my area. A few months later we found out my husband had cancer. Once our home was finally built in 2008, 4 years later, my husband was in such bad shape he couldn't work anymore. I had to stay home to take care of him. The friends we had trying to help us out at the time actually help themselves to anything they could get from us. March 19, 2009 my husband, Scott, passed away. He ended up having 4 types of cancer. If someone out there could write a song for us I would greatly appreciate it. We started dating July 13, 1988, married on July 13 1993, on our 5 year anniversary. If there is anything else you would like to know, please just ask. Thank You, T