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Rapid City, SD  USA Joined April 2009
Yo!! I'm Hastyle of -NATIVE .G.R.I.N.D. KLICK- the native thats trying to do my thang in the Rap Game and let people know our story and how we're livin in the poorest places in the country. I grew up on and off one of the poorest Rezervations and counties in the U.S. my whole life, just to let ya know where I'm comin from and a liitle about who I am. I spit some political and historical stuff, but I hit on all areas in the game of life. Gettin my stuff together as of now but plan to get some stuff out soon. Thats really why I'm here looking for them Killa beats that I can drop the Killa lyrics 2. I think you'll like my style and my stories!! 1luv check us out on u tube also on my space and ReverbNation!!