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GARFIELD, NJ  USA Joined March 2009
Poetikly n Muzikally/Life iz alwayz movin me/used 2b usin n abusin me/even az far az accusin me/inside bruisin me/2 life almost lozin me/beat dwn an broken/nearly choken/I stil hav spoken/Died yet re-awoken/n my daughta iza token,uv my graditude my pain/my magnitude my shame/my additude all d same/iz due 2da longitude uv my brain/my sadness my gladdest my baddest jus addz n2 my madness/how da hell am i a parent wen it's apparent/my sins r not transparent/their there/but I don't care/don't judge me 4my past/juge me 4my present iz all dat I ask/I took off my Darth Vader Mask/an now inda lite iz where I bask,plus 2sho luv izmy nu task/but don't get it twisted like I stil won't put sumbodi on their azz/yes even at timez I amaze me/like instead uv writtn Im freestylin here on jeejuh's beat called Paisley/proof uv my Passion 4muzik an nutn kan phaze me/kuz I do Dis Daily/.... Ask About Me!lol...
Listen To Real Music... Feb 8, 2010
if you want to hear real hip-hop,not carbon copied wrk kum chek my page, we alreadi doin it big n kno meni well known artist who want us to be dwn but we ratha do dis how we started,jus us,no handout's but hard wrk,makes the Victory all the better,so check my page n various artist,goin 2add mor wen i hav mor time but sum songz hav been played onda radio(Hot 97)az well az many clubs an undaground joints so chek me, n follow me on Twitter MrBiz420, Just started a new account,netwrkn..dats wut dis industry iz all about,kuz it's not wut u kno but who, n we're goin 2provide both,who n wut we kno. Stay up n giv feedbak n b az harsh az u want,We Hav Tuff Skin unlike othaz who jus say dey do n get offended eazily,(afta all,constuctiv criticsm iz d best way 2improve). stay up peoplez,1!...