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Music is the magic that holds the world together. May there be love in the world always and forever, that is my prayer.
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Jun 29, 2021
I have a new song. Very High energy, RESCUE ME! stop in a take a listen! Alex
Nov 08, 2019
Hope all my fellow Soundclick artists & friends are all doing well... as we begin our roll into the upcoming HOLIDAY seasons. - Zak
Oct 23, 2017
Hey, fellow Soundclick mate! Keep spreading' JOY... with the sound of music. ;) Zak
Dec 31, 2013
Wish you and your family a Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have in store for us in 2014. Peace and Health, Al
Apr 07, 2013
guess who? lol!
Jul 15, 2012
Hey whats up? This is Erik (The Pissed Off Robots). I just opened a new page for my music Im working on now-a-days. Check it out if you get a chance. =) TPOR is what I go by now. I do more of a dubstep thing now. Tell me what you think. -Erik [TPOR]
Dec 30, 2011
Just stopping by to wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year. May Peace & Happiness be with you always, Al
Jun 02, 2011
Hi Darrell - Listened to 'Lokie's Last Stand'. This is a well articulated arrangement with superb use of the musical elements and FX sounds. The mix is perfect...very creative and interesting...
Mar 30, 2011
Hi Darrell, so lovely to hear from you as always, thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a nice message. a pleasure to spin your new song, i'll go to your band page now and give it a listen and some stars. wishing you a great day Love Hayley :)
Mar 25, 2011
Hi Darrell, Sorry, I couldn't get back to you sooner, I had some midterms that needed immediate addressing. I certainly hear you about demands, classes suck up all my time, but, at the same time, I feel the present and future growth, via knowledge gained, will pay hefty dividends throughout my life, so it is worth the sacrifice, as I am sure you can also attest regarding friends and family. So, although it is indeed a trade off from "ubber" creative time, it is by all means worthy in its own right. I should be sniffing around for your album in May, but that is also finals, so I wouldn't mind a reminder from you during that time, just in case. I can't wait for summer....it feels like a long time coming. CIAO! :D