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Joshua Perry
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@mr perry
Indianapolis, IN  USA Joined February 2009
I am courageous; and I seek challenges. I am tough-minded, independent and a daring thinker who likes to explore ideas or problems thoroughly. I am persistent, systematic and competent in pursuing my interests and goals. I am also assertive; and enjoy the opportunities my hard work wins. I have a lot of energy. I think quickly, make decisions more easily than most, dislike unnecessary rules, and take a rational approach to people, issues and ideas. I am not conventional in most of my attitudes and values. I tend to be irreverent and pragmatic and I like spontaneous people. I am an exciting, yet hard driving and exacting type of person. When you listen to the stuff I have made please look at the picture and read the story behind it. It might help you to make sense of it. Read my influences section too please. Thank you