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John Holgate
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Victoria, Australia Joined January 2009
Born in UK in '63. Started writing songs and playing guitar at 15. Had my first multitrack recorder a couple years later. Played in various rock bands, duos and the occasional solo stint. No one famous!! My writing ranges from country to modern blues to rock. It depends how I'm feeling, what I've experienced, what sort of mood I'm in. (Click the blue John Holgate under the Artist/Band page - to see all the songs). I can go years without writing anything and then in the space of six months I'll write an albums' worth. Listen, enjoy, comment if you like. Cheers - John
Finally got off my bum and wrote something! Mar 2, 2014
Been a while! Haven't done any serious writing for years. When Steffen asked me to write a song for a Streetkiting video it seemed to ignite a bit of a fuse - followed shortly after by the purchase of a Line6 HD300 (effects board) which is the best value for money musical gizmo I have EVER bought and then followed by two new electric guitars - one of which is a Fender Telecaster Baritone (tuned B-B) which is very nice. And so, I've been madly playing electric guitar every chance I get for the last three months. The result is 'Are We There Yet?' All instrumental rock and occasionally jazz-blues. I've decided that 2014 is the year of the guitar!! - John