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Roscoe Foster
Madison, WI  USA Joined January 2009
2013 MMI Battle of Bands winner, The Rascal Theory (Madison,WI) are on a mission to make you move. They have played a number of high energy shows that will rock you, funk you and many other things in between. As another awesome gig schedule unfolds these Rascals are set to take things to a another level with that rascal mix of funk and indie rock that fuels the Rascal Nation. Fans and fellow musicians around the globe have been embracing the band as they continue to carve their own sonic legacy. When the Rascal Party is coming to a venue near you, you might as well come on out and get yer Rascal on!!!
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Nov 25, 2013
Greetings from Oz, Roscoe! Thank you for accepting my friend request, I do appreciate it very much :). Take care mate, Mauri.
Jul 22, 2011
Thanks for being a fan! If you liked my older stuff you should love my new work. It's my best ever! Such as, Sam's Song: http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=10852567
Apr 11, 2010
I would be honored to have you listen to Star Blue's new song "Earth Weeps" if you would be so kind. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=8978496 Mother Earth is weeping, she is not settled. Get ready for the rumble where ever it hits next. Thank you and you know I want to listen to whatever you create also and you need to let me know. Thank you, Darrell
Mar 28, 2010
stopping by, checking out the cool flavor,, great smooth jazz/r&B sounds.. great fusion
Nov 29, 2009
Green Day cover I was talking to you on Facebook about. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=8408839 This one, somehow, I been listening to over and over on my iPod strangely. =/
Nov 12, 2009
nice selection of favorite bands, as a guitarist, i can appreciate it,, On my page, is a video called Funk you.. think Hendrix meets funk,, you might dig,, would love a response ,, peace, keith
Oct 24, 2009
Just stopped by to wish you a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead, Take Care, Darrell
Oct 07, 2009
Hi Roscoe... Just a quick hello to introduce myself....we try to get to know folks who like our music enough to list themselves as "a fan." I just got back from Europe...and I got pretty sick over there...so I've been a bit less active here...but I promise to get back here to listen to some of your stuff...and let you know what I think. Anyway...pleased to meet you Roscoe (hey, maybe we're distant relatives...we have he same last name!) Hugs...Mike (NAV) http://www.soundclick.com/Avalanche
Oct 06, 2009
Hey Rosco! It's Patrick again. Check out my latest blog to vote for possible Top 10 moments for my music or former bands for this decade. On New Years Eve 2009, I will compile a list of Top 10 memorable moments for Patrick Lew's Band on my blogs on all my webpages. :) Let your friends know about it! Also. I just formed a Beatles "Merseybeat" inspired band called Bayshore Echo. Page will be up shortly and currently under heavy construction. :) Anyways, I will be working on new music when time permits me. Been busy with school. See ya around, buddy!
Oct 05, 2009
Thanks Roscoe, for the add to your station. It is always an honor when someone with good taste gives you an add, so thanks very much for the support. We're new to the 'Click and it's very encouraging to get good feedback, so thanks, very much appreciated. Sean (The Modems)