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Hi my friends, It's so good to have a chance and the privilege to catch up on such great music here on SC again. Some of the world's greatest music and musicians are right here. No doubt about it. Thank you all for sharing your skills and talents. And even more for your friendship. Peace, love, and Shaloam (nothing missing, nothing broken) to you all, and do stay in touch. I always enjoy it when you stop by. Now that I am back I can keep up with your latest comments and stay up on your good tunes. All the best, Song
New Music Equipment - Old Songs Feb 3, 2016
Found one of my old music books today with songs I wrote many years ago! My motivation was my new music equipment, a Korg Pa4x Pro Keyboard Arranger. I pulled out the first instrumental composition I ever wrote for the keyboard, which I was blessed to create after I started playing temporarily for a local church while they looked for a regular keyboard player. While learning my new keyboard I have had a chance to work on this old piece as well and have been able to recreate it with the instruments of the Pa4x. My very first instrumental composition was a simple piece I created on a flat top guitar in my younger days, named Carlos after my instrument, which was an inexpensive Gibson at that time. Anyhoo, I am looking forward to working with several other pieces of music I wrote "way back when!" Will upload a pic of my new keyboard when I get around to snapping one. In the meantime, take a listen to my latest song post if you get the chance, "Catching A Dream." Thanks for keeping me up on your new tunes as well. I love listening the great music you all share here on SC. Be greatly blessed and highly favored of our wonderful Lord as according to his perfect will. Shaloam!