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Roxanne Lindstrom
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FL  USA Joined October 2008
What's New! Jan 15, 2009
I have recently received a marriage proposal from the greatest guy in the world! His name is Joe and we first met in High School. I've been chasing after him and waiting for him to pop the question for 15 years. Now that I have caught him I'm certainly not going to let go. The big day is Feb 2 and then we will be leaving for two weeks in the Bahamas. There are additional travel plans but he wants the locations to be a surprise. This Florida girl has never been outside of the South East U.S. and I am very exited about all this. I love him more than anything. Yes, I love him more than I love music! Unfortunately this means that I will no longer be able to play an active roll in the SoundClick community. I am not leaving SoundClick! I just won't be able to be on here very much. I will log in whenever possible to accept new friend requests and say hello to as many of you as I can. If I don't reply to your messages, please understand that it's not that I don't care about you, it's because my time is so limited. I will me in contact with Angel from my Fan Club and she will be keeping you guys informed on current events when I am unable to. My three months here on SoundClick have been some of the most rewarding and memorable times of my life. 1500 friends, 33,000 page loads and three #1 songs with more than 22,000 plays. All that in just three months! WOW! A special thanks to the SoundClick Staff for this wonderful website you have given us. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! I wish I could individually thank everybody but at this time that's just not possible. Every single one of you has touched me in your own special way. I sincerely hope that I have been able to touch you in some small way. I do want to take this time to thank a few of my very best friends. Gordy, Kevin, Angel, Jolee, Andy, Logan, Manfred, Peter and J J. I will never forget you guys and there will always be a place for you in my heart! To all the listeners out there: Keep on doing what you do. Listen to the music that you love so much and listen every day if possible. Add the music to your station so you can share the songs with others. Get out there and network with the artists so you can let them know how much you enjoy their music. It is your ability to communicate with these artists that makes SoundClick such a wonderful place. To all the artists out there: Keep on doing what you do and never give up. God has blessed you with a wonderful talent so keep on making your music! I'll be out there watching for your new songs so don't disappoint me. Don't forget to network with your friends and fans so you can tell them how much you appreciate their support. Goodbye for now everyone. Love and lots of big hugs! Roxie