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Nigel Hardy
@Nigel Hardy
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Joined October 2008
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Posted 6 days ago
Hi Nigel! Now it's a new week with new opportunities. Wishing you and yours all the best. Greetings from Sweden, Svante / Clubsville
Posted 6 days ago
Hi Nigel, thanks for checking out my songs. Hope you are well and that you'll be uploading more new songs soon!
Posted 7 days ago
Thank you Nigel for the kind words……………
Mar 18
Thanks Nigel! really great to hear from you, I hope you are doing well my friend. Wishing you a pleasant weekend.
Mar 17
OH I left for a smidge of a week from soundclick had to make a new page....its still Faunaserene but I lost alot of comments and my lists.....but since August of last year Ive been back.....and Id love if you swung by and heard my latest keys and vocal songs.........and some colabs.......Soundclick is a space I shant ever leave again the other website s are bogus to me as far as social just filled with advertising.... soundclick is like a little refuge always has been......
Mar 17
Nigel do you remember me , we did a song a long time ago.......its been so long........my name is Katherine aka Faunaserene.... I just saw you on MIchael Durans page....... how have you been?????I cant wait till I hear some of your music... I wonder if youve anything new?????? blessings Katherine
Mar 12
Hi, Nigel... Just notice your comment of my latest effort "Do I Do", a cover of Stevie Wonder. I appreciate your comment... and you taking the time to listen to the tune. Much appreciated! - Just may encourage me to do another project. ;) __ Thanks again for listening... and your support! Zak
Dec 18, 2015
Thank you Nige I appreciate your kind thoughts :) I'm getting a little stronger every day... hangin' in there ;) MD
Dec 25, 2014
Merry Christmas
Sep 01, 2014
"We're only making plans for Nigel"... XTC was it? How have you been?! I've been out of the loop for way too long and thought I'd stop by to say hi. Peace! FTK