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Mike Dennis
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United Kingdom Joined September 2008
My name is Mike and I am the Bassist for dennisty. I have been playing on and off for years. My styles vary from rock to dance music Im married and very happy! Music is a passion of mine and I have always loved it, in my playing I try to put my own flavour, I play what sounds best be it technical or simple. We gain insperation through the artists here so thankyou all very much. ROCK!!!!
Dennisty news! Aug 29, 2010
After a long break it is with great pleasure I can announce that Andrew and I are set to start work on our new album. We have new equipment and now have the potential to really step our music up a level. I would expect there will be a wide array of influences and as ever it will be very much progressive! With both of us working on solo projects also, I imagine the music will be quite different to what we have created before. Watch this space!