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"Granny Stories"mom's book, "I Have A Phobia" Aug 19, 2014
During teen years, I visited my aunt in Mexia several times. On one visit, she introduced me to her friend's daughter. They lived in Grosebeck, a nearby small town. I was invited to spend a couple days with her. She thought my presence was a good excuse to have a party. After the party, on the way back to her home, we rode in a car with several young people. My concern was about the driver. He had a cigarette in his left hand and right arm over his girlfriend's shoulder. Drunk, he wasn't. No alcohol at the party. When he puffed his cigarette, both hands were off the steering wheel, and traveling too fast at that. I thought we were an accident waiting to happen. I had no way out and no control. I didn't know these people or where we were. I couldn't ask to be let out alone at night. As if that were not helpless enough, we met a group of people walking toward us on the right shoulder. As soon as they came into our headlight view, the driver thought it fwould be fun to scare them. He swerved toward them just to see them scatter toward the ditch. It was much too close for comfort, especially if some of them were to scatter into the road instead of the ditch, only to be hit if he should turn back on track. Those "friends" just wern't my kind of people. A life change in my riding comfort level was made that night. I'm hardly ever relaxed riding in a car if someone else is doing the driving.- Yvettah Queen -