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axel vonkollar
st paul, mn  USA Joined September 2008
restoring, creating, transforming truth, way, life; understanding, detachment, empathy; will, power, faith; substance, principle, symbol; soul, mind, body; god, world, self; object, attention, application; immanence, immediacy, ultimacy; enjoyment, performance, achievement; unity, variety, order; light, image, picture; particular, universal, relational; and so on; one, the same, no other; as is, the face, the other; mirror, mask, shadow; map, territory, itinerary... p.s. nothing without the music, message, and spirit of the following italian musicians: ennio morricone, luigi tenco, bruno lauzi, lucio battisti, sergio endrigo, mina mazzini, gino paoli, fabrizio de andre', ornella vanoni, lucio dalla, domenico modugno, jimmy fontana, bobby solo, i giganti, l'equipe 84, i new trolls, nino rota, patty pravo, milva, to mention just a few.... the same goes for jimihendrix, the band procolharum, jonimitchell, francislai, and davidcrosby (his solo album "if i could only remember my name", ignored&underrated&neglected),johnlennon, paulmccartney, brianauger, juliedriscoll, frankzappa, bobdylan, raycharles, rolandkirk, keithrichards, petetownsend, oscarpeterson, ellafitzgerald, robertwyatt, gong, delerium, biosphere, moby, airto, j-mclaughlin, oregon, billevans, normawinstone, judeesill, paulwinter, jackbruce, keithjarrett, laurieanderson, john cale, loureed, radiohead, thedoves, belafleck, paulsimon, harold budd, jonhassell, r-fripp, neilyoung, thesmiths, traceythorn, k-emerson.
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Dec 06, 2020
Hi Axel, Just uploaded some new songs, check them out when you can. God Bless you and yours...Murphy
Aug 08, 2020
Hello SoundClick Neon Egypt friends and "followers"... Guess what? After 20 years, a new Neon Egypt album. Amazing? It is to us. :-) https://soundclick.com/neonegypt
Jul 04, 2014
Hello dude, i'm not coming to advertise my music or something else...i just wish you peace and friendship !!! You've been kind with me year(s) ago and i remember that. I hope you are going fine, health and love are precious richness...much love dude ! Have a good time on soundclick :)
Jul 01, 2011
I Like Tha Page You Got Here, Thanxxx For Da Add On Tha Station My Friend I Appriciate Your Support It Means Everything To Me, Well Never Be A Stranger Hitt Me Up If You Eva Got Any Questions Or Comments I Will Get Bacc To You, I Have Alot Of Mixxx'z That Soundclick Wouldn't Let Me Post On Here That I Think You Would Like At Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DJS7N Chec Em Out N Let Me Know What You Think Thanxxx Homie. . .
Jun 18, 2011
Wuz Gud Homie This DJ $7N From Tha 303 Checc Out My Page If You Like Electronic Muzicc, I Got Tha Newest Mixxx'z Leave Me A Comment And Let Me Know Wut You Think Rydd On Homie Peace...
May 25, 2011
hi artaudir i just wanted to say thanks for adding my songs to your stations here.i just wanted to inform you,that shortly i will be deleting these songs and replacing them with cd quality versions and more besides. my 'band' name as such will be changing to david puttick from david moxley.cheers d.
Feb 27, 2011
CIAO AXEL ! IONI FERICI ---In Italy we are :Crisium and Clavius3 http://www.youtube.com/user/3clavius
Jan 01, 2011
Happy 2011, stay sharp. Norman.
Dec 17, 2010
hi, thanks for stepping by :)
Sep 19, 2010
Dear Artaudir, you are always so very welcome my friend :-) Glad you enjoy the music and I'll do my best to keep it great because every single friend around the world like you just mean so much to me. Have a nice day. Manuel