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TJ Groves
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Since the general population of this world doesn’t have a sense of humor, we're going to keep this bio informative. Being born into a not so wealthy family, TJ Groves has always had drive and determination to have a successful future. No matter how many times somebody told him “impossible”, “you can’t do that” or “what were you thinking?”, he has always managed to prove them wrong. Now whether that is out of spite, or care for his future, no one will know. Starting off writing poems on his spare time in elementary school, he developed that interest into a passion for hip hop music. Imagine going from a 10 year old kid writing poems to a 21 year old artist that has been featured on worldstarhiphop, countless mixtapes/albums, songs with numerous underground artists. When it comes to the music itself, it has never been in TJ’s heart to be famous, have a million fans or be making bank off of his art. TJ Groves does this not necessarily for the general public, but for himself more than anything. The main reason why he makes music is as a coping skill. Having as many supporters as he has today, TJ surpassed his goal in music a long time ago. Everything from here on out is a bonus to him. Recently he said, "Don't get me wrong, just because I don't want to be famous, doesn't mean being heard is out of the question."