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jacksonville, FL  USA crackedknucklez.com Joined August 2008
It Is What It Is,MUSIC we mean. MUSIC Is Always Playing Throughout The Universe. Somewhere, Someone or Something Is Enjoying the Harmonic soothing sounds of MUSIC That Make you feel at ease and comforts you while at the same time stimulating the very senses of the anatomy that are indeed what we need to FEED. ON Music That Is. So By Then Asking Yourself if it IS Music That you Crave , then how would you grasp it in your clutches and satisfy your HUNGER. questionable or highly opinionated YES, out Of My Reach NO. still IT IS WHat It IS, Music I MEan.BUt IF IT IS What It IS Then, you TELL me. WHAT IS IT? MUSIC i mean .. What IS YOUR MUSIC I Cracked Knucklez Nightmare H Many Questions Lead To Nightmareish Answers!