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Wayne Clark
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Riverside, CA  USA Joined August 2008
Mirage Productions, International is a video and film production company based in Southern California, Seattle, and Manila. We are always looking for new music, artists, song writers, and musicians for material in our productions. www.miragepro.net
Finding music for a film called "Finding Tonio" Sep 1, 2008
We are producing a new film called âœFinding Tonioâ쳌, and are looking for new original material to use in the project. The film is about a 3 year old boy who has developed Autism. Tonio was developing typically until 22 months. Thereafter, he started acting sick, waking up at night, staring at space, laughing for no apparent reason and wandering off aimlessly. He lost his acquired social, emotional, cognitive and communication skills. On his second birthday he lost his words and drifted into his own world. On the first of April they received the diagnosis â autism. Finding Tonio tells of the painful and emotional struggle in trying to bring him back. Release date is scheduled for December 2008, and will be screened in Hollywood. All proceeds from the film will go to families with children who have autism, to help pay for their medical expenses which are not currently covered by medical insurance. Upon the release of the film, there will be a CD of the soundtrack released to also help raise funds for these families. So if you have a song, or arrangement and would like to help, please notify me. Looking for all genres and styles. You can view the trailer on my page. Currently we have the following people, Yoshie Kubota, Javier Galea, Colin Kennaugh, Steve Barden, Kara Johnstad, Jaydeen Georgeff, Jason Hensel, Please view the trailer, and if you feel you have material that might fit this project, please submit it. All artist will get full recognition for their efforts and talents, along with a special DVD of the completed film.